legacy pstn phone

PSTN Access

We offer an extensive set of PSTN access Options to suit the needs of your organization.  Of course, many factors come into a play when choosing a PSTN provider.  This could include technical requirements, long distance and per minute rates, toll free services and of course overall total cost of ownership.

SIP Trunking

Sure Fiber offers numerous PSTN access trunking options to suite the needs of your organizations calling needs.  Of course SIP is the solution of choice in an overwhelming number of the use cases.  Standard over the top or dedicated circuits can be used to deliver SIP to your premise-based calling solutions to maximum flexibility and control.  Additionally, SIP direct routing can be connected to your cloud calling environment such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom phone and more.  No matter the calling need we have service providers to deliver both domestically and internationally.


While the need for service to TDM based systems is rapidly diminishing the occasional need does still arise.  With our extensive provider portfolio pinging PSTN trunks to these systems is not a problem either.  Bring us your situation and we will vet your requirements and find a solution!

Plain Old Telephone Service

While Plain old telephone service (POTS) is rapidly diminishing there are still millions of lines in use.  In fact the FCC is saying traditional copper lines need to be phased out. Our team is able to provider POTS replacement services to accommodate those specific use case such as alarm lines, fax machines, legacy credit card processors and more!

Connect with Us!

Make the call and connect with us! Sure Fiber will review your PSTN Access charges and technical requirements to ensure you have the best solution going forward.