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Global Connectivity

We can source connectivity to nearly any location location in the US or Canada whether its business broadband, direct internet access, private connectivity, IP transit or wavelength services. Use the connectivity search tool above to get started!
We address telephony needs both large and small with services from single lines, to full turn key cloud hosted calling solutions.
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If you need data center space we can deliver with access to hundreds of locations with cross connects to numerous providers and exchanges.
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IPv4 transactions are no doubt complex. Our team ensures your sale or purchase goes smoothly. If a the ownership of addresses isn't for you we also have a great leasing service!
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Telecom Simplified

As vendor neutral consultants we act as buyers agents representing you, our valued customers, through the technology service selection process. With the rapid evolution of technology it’s important to understand what these innovations can do for your business. We take the legwork out of the selection process so that you can concentrate on running and growing your business.

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Carrier Neutral

Sure Fiber has relationships with dozens of the best service providers to serve your business needs from internet and data connectivity to calling and contact center. We have technology offers to compliment your small businesses through the enterprise regionally, nationally and internationally. Today’s most innovative communications technologies are available no matter the size of your business!