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We Solve Cyber Security Problems

Sure Fiber builds on world class voice and data connectivity with cyber security!  Nearly 70% of business cyber security incidents involve some type of action by an employee.  This could have been a click on a phishing email, a shared password, or a stolen computer.  We take a two-pronged approach to security:

1. Technology.  We partner with some of the most experienced solutions providers in the industry to help you build your digital defenses.  Our team can secure the network edge, cloud applications, user endpoints, IoT deployments and so much more!

2. Employee Education. Employee awareness and security training is often overlooked. However, this education is a vital step in defending your digital assets and reputation as a business. With a well enabled knowledge workers the probability of malicious link clinks decreases while the reports of malicious emails or other issues goes up as does your organizations ability to respond.

Every business has separate security concerns and needs.  Our team is here to help you move forward with confidence matching solutions to your business cyber security needs.  Lets connect today!

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